Economic Assimilation Research Network (EARN)

About EARN

Since 1999, municipalities in Denmark have been responsible for integrating refugees, immigrants and family reunified people into the Danish labor market. Over the years, many different approaches have been taken with the goal to improve the integration efforts. Many methods and models have been developed and tested locally, but there is still uncertainty about what works, how and under what conditions.

This will be investigated by the Economic Assimilation Research Network (EARN).

EARN is supported by the Innovation Fund. The project is a partnership between the University of Copenhagen, LG Insight, the National Research and Analysis Center for Welfare (VIVE) and the Ministry of Immigration and Integration Affairs.

The project will run from 1. Jan. 2017 to 31. Dec. 2021. This page contains the scientific output from EARN, for reports, newsletters and other information, please visit the Danish website.


EARN Researchers


Linea Hasager

Postdoc at the University of Copenhagen


Iben Bolvig

Senior Researcher at VIVE


Jacob Nielsen Arendt

Research-leader at Rockwool Fonden


Janis Kreuder

Former Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Copenhagen


Mette Foged (PI)

Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen

EARN Affiliates and Partners


Mia Renee Herløv Jørgensen

Phd. Student at the University of Copenhagen


Cynthia Van Der Werf

Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University


Giovanni Peri

Professor at the University of California, Davis


Jakob Roland Munch

Professor at the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen


Lars Larsen

Founder of LG Insights