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Curriculum Vitae


Sep. 2017 -     Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark
Sep. 2015 -     IZA Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Germany
Sep. 2019 -     CReAM Fellow, University College London, United Kingdom

On maternity leave: May 2016 - Feb. 2017, Mar. - Dec. 2018


Apr. 2017 - Jan. 2018     Harvard Business School Executive Education, Pasteur Program
Mar. 2011 - Jun. 2014     Ph.D. in Economics, UCPH
Jan. 2007 - Feb. 2010     M.Sc. in Economics, UCPH


Mar. 2017 - Apr. 2017     Frisch Centre, Oslo (hosts: Bernt Bratsberg, Oddbjørn Raaum
Apr. 2015 - May 2015     Dartmouth College (host: Ethan Lewis)
Sep. 2012 - Jan. 2013     University of California, Davis (host: Giovanni Peri)
Jan. 2012 - May 2012     University College London (host: Christian Dustmann)


Fall 2020                           Econometrics A (lecturer, BA)
Spring 2018,2019,2020   Labour Economics (lecturer, MA elective course)
Spring 2016                      Globalization and Labor Markets (lecturer, MA seminar)
Fall 2014,2015                  Advanced International Trade, UCPH (lecturer, MA elective course)


Jun. 2014 - Aug. 2017     Postdoc, University of Copenhagen
Jan. 2010 - Feb. 2011     Research Assistant, Aalborg University
Apr. 2007 - Dec. 2009     Research Assistant, Copenhagen Business School
Oct. 2005 - May 2007     Student at the Danish Labor Market Authority


2017,     Labour Economics Prize for the best article in Labour Economics in 2016
2010,     Zeuthen Prize for Wage Effects of International Return Migration (prize to best Master’s Thesis at Department of Economics, UCPH)


Arendt, Bolvig, Foged, Hasager and Peri. 2020. Integrating Refugees: Language Training or Work-First Incentives? NBER Working Paper No. 26834

Foged and van der Werf. 2020. The Formation of Language Skills and the Economic Success of Refugees. PhD dissertation UC Davis

Foged, Hasager and Yasenov. 2019. The Role of Institutions in the Labor Market Impact of Immigration. Stanford IPL Working Paper (R&R Scandinavian Journal of Economics)


Foged, Mette. 2016. Family Migration and Relative Earnings Potentials. Labour Economics 42(C), pp 87-100. Won Labour Economics Prize for best paper in 2016

Foged, Mette and Giovanni Peri. 2016. Immigrants’ Effect on Native Workers: New Analysis on Longitudinal Data. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 8(2), pp.1-34.

Foged, Mette. 2014. Positive effekter af diversitet på arbejdsmarkedet, Samfundsøkonomen (The Social Scientist), No. 4, pp. 14-18

Martin D. Munk, Mette Foged and Andreas M. Mulvad. 2011. Familiers kosmopolitiske uddannelsesstrategier – et spørgsmål om migration og investering i distinktiv kapital, Dansk Sociologi (Danish Sociology), vol. 22, No. 3


Jun. 11, 2020                   Norwegian School of Economics, FAIR
Apr. 23, 2020                    Bristol
Apr. 21, 2020                    UCL, Center for Research and Analysis of Migration
May 2, 2019                      Uppsala
Mar. 14, 2017                    ASD
Mar. 2, 2017                      The Danish Economic Society
Jan. 31, 2017                    SNS
Jun., 9, 2015                     The Swedish Economc Association
Sep. 9-11, 2014                 Frisch Centre for Economic Research
Sep. 30 - Oct. 14, 2013     UC Davis
Jun. 24-29, 2012               Ifo Center for International Institutional Comparisons and Migration Research


2015:     12th IZA Annual Migration Meeting (AM²) and 5th Migration Topic Week, Dakar
2014:     NBER Summer Institute, Labor Studies, Cambridge;
               3rdIZA@DC Young Scholar Program, Washington
2013:     CEMIR: Junior Economist Workshop on Migration Research, CESifo;
               The European Economic Association (EEA), University of Gothenburg;
               Migration: Global Development, New Frontiers, University College London (UCL)
2012:     26thAnnual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE), University of Bern
2011:     Migration: Economic Change, Social Challenge, University College London (UCL)


Foged, Mette, Natnael Simachew and Nana Wesley. 2019. Expats and the firms they work in. Copenhagen: FAOS, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen, Report No. 167

Foged, Mette, Linea Hasager and Vasil Yasenov. 2018. Litteraturstudie om virkninger af udenlandsk arbejdskraft. Copenhagen: Ministry of Employment.